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Sustainable gastronomy

Because we are passionate about our profession, we want it to be as virtuous as possible. Therefore, we are committed on a daily basis to a fairer practice.    


We are two chefs committed to a sustainable gastronomy and, as such, we are part of this new generation of involved chefs who defend a cuisine proudly anchored in its terroir and up to the challenges of our time.
We are particularly concerned with prioritizing products from organic and local agriculture, and ensuring sustainable gastronomy that minimizes its impact as much as possible. Thus, we pay attention to the carbon footprint of purchased ingredients and implement smart waste management. Our commitment within the E&T restaurant has been recognized since 2020 by three Écotable certifications, the highest level of sustainable restaurant label.

We believe that cuisine should be fair in the portions served to avoid waste, balanced in the share of meat and fish, and committed to respecting people and nature. We are concerned with paying fair prices for quality ingredients that have reached maturity.

Fairness is also about rigor, regularity, and accuracy, which go hand in hand with the technicality of cooking.


We want to be responsible towards our customers, partners, and teams. We are committed to giving the best of ourselves to each of them, to being truthful, and not betraying our beautiful authenticity.

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