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Discovering conques

Known for its old stones and craftsmanship, the village of Conques is a must-visit destination. Perched at an altitude of 250m, it is among the Most Beautiful Villages of France. We invite you to discover it and get lost in its beautiful alleys, exploring heritage inherited from the Middle Ages. If you are like us, history lovers and architecture enthusiasts, then you will not be disappointed by the visit to Conques.

How to visit conques ?

The tourist office and the Heritage service of the city offer several possibilities to visit our beautiful village of Conques. You won't get bored, there is something for all tastes.

If you prefer guided tours, it is possible to register at the tourist office and participate in one of them. Your guide will reveal the little secrets of Conques as well as its history.

If you have children and want to take your time, here is our advice: enjoy the multimedia experience! Equipped with your tablet, you will discover the abbey church, the cloister, and the treasure of Conques. All at your own pace! A small plus in our opinion: this method is also suitable for younger children. You will be guided, as a family, by historical characters.

For children, a discovery booklet is also available at the tourist office. Your little explorers can discover our beautiful village while having fun!


Our small village of Conques is full of treasures. We advise all lovers of old stones and craftsmanship to discover it. You will discover architectural wonders.

1 | The Sainte Foy Abbey Church

It is impossible to pass through Conques without stopping at the Sainte Foy Abbey Church. Discover this wonder of Romanesque art! This church, which is considered a pilgrimage site, is a must-see for all pilgrims on the "via Podiensis", one of the four routes of Compostela.

In 1840, this religious monument was registered among the French Historic Monuments. Before entering, admire its facade with its representation of the tympanum of the Last Judgment. You will discover no fewer than 124 characters sculpted in stone. When entering the church, look up and let yourself be charmed by the 250 capitals and the magnificent stained glass windows of Pierre Soulages. We promise you won't regret entering this breathtaking place !

2 | The village of Conques

Conques is a magnificent village of 300 inhabitants. Our little pleasure? Getting lost in the small medieval alleys of this beautiful village that is one of the most beautiful in France. We are always charmed by this ancient fortified town. If you are a lover of old stones, Conques is a village worth visiting !

By strolling through the alleys, you will travel back to the Middle Ages. The oldest houses in Conques date back to the end of this period. They have magnificent facades mixing half-timbering, yellow limestone, and red sandstone. The roofs, on the other hand, are built of silver schist.

3 | The Goldsmithery of Conques

Conques houses one of the five great treasures of medieval goldsmithing in Europe and the only one in France, where you can admire so many objects from the Middle Ages. Since 2022, all these relics have been carefully preserved in six glass cabinets. All these objects trace the history of the abbey. They are classified chronologically and thematically. A treasure that we keep very carefully in our small village of Aveyron !

4 | The Chapel of Saint-Roch

As you climb to the top of Conques, we recommend stopping at the wonderful Saint-Roch chapel. Up there, you overlook Conques. Beware, we've warned you, the view is magnificent !

Inside the chapel, you'll discover magnificent ceiling paintings and pretty frescoes dating back to the 19th century. You can also admire two basins fed by the runoff waters.

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