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Instinctive cuisine

The restaurant E&T offers a gastronomic cuisine, balancing simplicity and sophistication, where the keyword is freedom.
This unique approach has earned us the honor of a Michelin star in 2024, a recognition that celebrates our pursuit of excellence and our ability to surprise and move through our cuisine.


We aim to offer creative cuisine that is constantly renewing and evolving, drawing inspiration from different sources and always in motion. It is for us a form of expression and meaningful freedom that allows us to fully live our passion for gastronomy. Our cuisine changes every day, based on our conversations, inspirations, and improvisations... That is why we do not wish to offer a signature dish, preferring to surprise our regular customers, who will never eat the same thing twice with us !


We make our menu evolve according to the seasons, products that have reached maturity with our producers, and our desires to work with them in a particular way...
If you want to know the current menu, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to tell you about it !

Like at home

We have designed the Moulin de Cambelong as a place where guests are welcomed "like at home" to share, exchange, and enjoy a timeless moment. We invite our customers to enter our universe, share with them our passion for gastronomy, and want them to feel comfortable.

Simplicity, authenticity, naturalness

In our opinion, these three words allow for an appreciation of the plate tasted as much as the shared moment. We are convinced that a high-end service does not have to involve a solemn or intimidating atmosphere. We hope that everyone can enjoy the moment they came to find with us.


Sharing and conviviality

We believe that our job does not end with sending a plate to the table. We have chosen to be present and accessible to our customers, in order to present the dishes and to tell their story from the heart. The customer is part of our creative approach, as we transmit an emotion to them and they send one back to us, helping us to constantly adjust our proposals.


Cooking is for us a space of expression, where we want to highlight flavors, thanks to simplicity and sobriety.


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